Your Furry Friends can now accompany you in Cafes and Pubs across Australia

Dog in Cafe
Melbourne, Victoria – Great news for pet owners in Australia. It is now official that Australians would be able to take their pets along with them in hundreds of hotels, restaurants, shops and even pubs. According to a South Yarra resident, Kat Gaylard this is a dream come true for her. Now she no longer has to keep the dogs Quin, Madison, Holly and Sasha in the backyard. There are hundreds of amusement parks, beaches, pubs and beauty salons that are now turning pet friendly.

There are various cafes and pubs in South Yarra and Albert Park, where shop owners enthusiastically open the doors for four-legged customers. According to Miss Gayland, “Quin always accompanies me in cafe and even at work since he is a little puppy.”She further added, “He is much disciplined in terms of getting along with people, hence it is not difficult to take care of the little pooch.” According to Miss Gayland, “It is always a pleasure to have your furry friend with you wherever you go. I will always try to find a place which is pet friendly where I can carry my pooch with me.”

There are loads of website in Australia that currently offer pet owners with pet-friendly accommodation across Australia. According to Renee Zezula, Manager Holidaying with dogs, “We have specifically created a website called holidaying with dogs which enables dog owners to travel with their pooch rather than leave them behind in a boarding kennel.” He further added, “There is lots of awareness amongst property dealers to create pet-friendly properties in Australia. People are looking to take their entire family on vacations and that also includes their pets. There are more than 2000 accommodation providers on the website with more being added on a weekly basis.”

Since Australia is a pet-friendly country with 50% of them have either a dog or cat in comparison to a meagre 35% who live with a child under 16 years. Since the population of pets has increased in the country, it makes sense to open up places where these furry friends are welcome. There is a hotel in North Carlton named The Great Northern Hotel which allows pet owners to bring their dogs. It also has water bowls filled up frequently to keep up with the needs of the pets.

According to the owner Alistair Carragher, “It is always a pleasure to have the pets around. Pet owners love the atmosphere in here and as a matter of fact pets act as a medium which breaks the ice which assists in mingling with people. It really is a family environment totally.”

The rule to allow pets in outdoor dining areas was passed under state health regulations. It was initially adopted by European countries and later on it was adopted in Australia.