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API AMMO LOCK with Free Shipping Australia Wide 2104-9815
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$ 16.53 $ 21.98 2021-01-27
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API AMMO LOCK - Ammonia Detoxifying Agent

API Ammo Lock is an excellent ammonia breaking agent. Ammonia is a toxic substance and fatal to fishes when in high quantity. It is produced due to leftover food and decaying plants. Ammo Lock helps protect fishes from the dangerous ammonia by detoxifying it and allowing filters within aquarium to dispose it off efficiently.

Pour 5ml for every 10 U.S. gallons of water.

Continue to add the Ammo Lock every 2 days until ammonia is no longer detected. If still present after 7 days, partially replace the water in the aquarium.

  • Effective in cleaning water

  • Clogs small water born particles to stick together

  • Sinks the unwanted particles to bottom of tank/aquarium

  • Clear the water without affecting fishes

  • Safe for fishes

  • Use it as directed.

Active Ingredients:

Non hazardous ingredients


APS- Australian Pet Supplies

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