Optimum Adult Dog Food with Chicken, Vegetable & Rice
Brand: Optimum

Optimum Adult Dog Food with Chicken, Vegetable & Rice

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Optimum Adult Dog Food with Chicken, Vegetable & Rice


Optimum Adult Dog food with Chicken, Vegetable & Rice formula is specifically blended for dogs. This healthy diet provides nutrients that are the source for the building blocks of cartilage to help maintain joint health. Designed especially for grown up to target their dietary and health requirements, this dog food is a great feed with real chicken taste.

It is suitable for medium breeds over 24 months old.

Feeding Guidelines:

  • Individual needs may vary depending on age, breed, activity level and environmental factors.
  • Adjust the amount of feed according to pet’s ideal weight.
  • Provide clean and fresh drinking water at all times
Daily Feeding Guide
Weight of Dog Amount to feed
5kg 3/4 cup
10kg 1 1/2 cup
20kg 2 1/2 cups
30 kg 3 1/4 cups
40kg 4 cups
50kg 4 3/4 cups
70kg 6 cups

1 cup (250ml) = approximately 110g

Key Benefits

  • The unique optimum dry product is a special formulation to meet the requirements of adult dogs over 25 kg.
  • It maintains healthy blood circulation and assists in keeping the heart and blood vessel healthy.
  • The wholegrain content in the food helps in digestion process and maximise nutrient absorption.
  • The unique blend of antioxidants boosts immune system and help to reduce oxidation of cells.
  • This scientific proven food formula provides healthier and shiner coat and skin.
  • Made from high quality ingredients, the food provides the complete nutrition for optimum dog health.


More Information

Average Nutrient and Calorific Value

Ingredients Percentage
Protein, Crude 26.00%
Fat, Crude 10.00%
Moisture 9.00%
Calcium 0.90%
Phosphorus  6/7
Linolec Acid(Omega 6) 2.50%
Zinc 450 mg/kg
Vitamin E 200 IU/kg
Vitamin C 75 mg/kg


Poultry and poultry by-products; sorghum and/or rice and/or wheat; barley and/or corn; chicken digest; cereal protein; beet pulp; vegetables; salt; vegetable oil; minerals (potassium chloride, zinc sulphate, ferrous sulphate, copper sulphate, potassium iodide and selenium); sodium tripolyphosphate; vitamins (A, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B9, B12, C, D, E and choline) and antioxidants.



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Reviews: 2
Rating : 30
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Optimum Adult Dog Food with Chicken, Vegetable & Rice


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Healthy food

Very healthy food helps in maintaining the digestive system and overall health of my dog, Raffe

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Lynette Bailey
Certified Customer

Great product!

My dogs' coat has never looked shinier and her poo is a lot easier to pick up- no more sloppy messes

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