Natural Animal Solutions Eye Clear

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Natural Animal Solutions Eye Clear

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Natural Animal Solutions Eye Clear

Natural Animal Solutions Eye Clear for All Pets

Natural Animal Solutions Eye Clear is a gentle eye solution for all pets – cats and dogs. Specially formulated by Australian Naturopaths, this eye clear is ideal for the treatment and prevention of pet eye issues. The Eye Clear is also used in maintenance and as cleaning solution. It helps in the condition including conjunctivitis, eye allergies, dry eye, prolapsed third eyelid and Cherry Eye and conditions requiring eye flush.

How Does it Work?

Natural Animal Solutions Eye Clear has four core active ingredients containing unique plant extracts and silver ions. These ingredients have antibacterial, antiviral and anti-inflammatory properties that help keep your pet’s eye clear and free from infection. Its specially designed applicator also makes it ideal for use around your pet’s irritated eyes.

  • Shake the bottle well before use.
  • Put one drop in eyes twice or thrice daily.
  • Use recommended dosage until the eye problem is clear.
  • For maintenance, use recommended dosage once or twice daily.
  • An ideal solution for your pet’s irritated eyes
  • Acts as an antibacterial and antiviral
  • It is a natural antibiotic
  • The eye solution has anti-inflammatory property
  • Works as natural antihistamine
  • This gentle formulation provides soothing effect
  • Keep out of reach of children and pets.
  • Store it in a cool and dry place.
  • Close the container tightly after use.
Target species Dogs /Cats
Mode of application Topical
Key Ingredients Saline,
colloidal silver, eyebright,
devil's claw.
Manufacturer: Natural Animal Solutions
Brand Natural Animal Solutions
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Reviews: 4
Rating : 274
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Natural Animal Solutions Eye Clear


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No tears

I used other products for cleaning Tom's eyes but usually end up with his teary eyes. Switching to this one is really a great relief.

* * * * *

Good solution

My 2-year dog had redness and corneal inflammation which is now cured perfectly. Thanks to the natural animal solution for eye care that helped remove dryness from his eyes and improved his vision as well as told by my vet after i went for a check-up later.

* * * * *

Saved my pooch's eyes

My Jimmy had a cherry eye and I was afraid how to remove that and then this solution came to rescue! Glad to have found these drops...

* * * * *

Good, Effective Product

My dog was suffering from an eye irritation. I thought to try this product, which was recommended by my friend. After using this for just one week, the symptoms were all gone and now my dog has healthy and bright eyes.

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