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Capstar Flea Control Tablets for Cats
Brand: Capstar

Capstar Flea Control Tablets for Cats

Capstar is an oral tablet for the control of fleas in cats and dogs. Buy Capstar Flea Treatment Tablets online at lowest price. 1230
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Reviews: 14
Out of three, two of my kitties are quite fussy and they don't easily take anything. To fight that heavy flea infestation, I used capstar and it really worked amazingly. And the big thing was that it was easier for me to dose them. Thanks vetsupply for quick delivery.

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Capstar Flea Tablets for Cats

Capstar is a quick action flea treatment for cats. The oral treatment kills fleas rapidly and eliminates them 100% within 7 hours of administration. It starts working within 30 minutes and kills adult fleas. This unflavored tablet is easy to dose and is suitable for nursing and pregnant cats. It can be given daily at an interval of 24 hours in case of heavy flea infestation or re-infestation.

How does it work?

An active ingredient Nitenpyram in Capstar, is an insecticide. This oral treatment kills adult fleas instantly and protects cat from heavy infestation. The key ingredient nitenpyram interferes with nerve transmission in fleas, with no adverse effect on cat. It kills fleas and controls heavy flea infestation.

  • Before administering capstar tablet, weigh your cat.
  • Administer the tablet directly into the mouth or mix it with cat food.
  • Ensure that your pet has taken complete dose.
  • One tablet per day is a standard dosage.
  • If your pet gets re-infested with fleas, you can safely give another dose as often as once per day.
  • Can continue the treatment of Capstar, whenever fleas are observed or re-infestation occurs.

For more advice on Capstar treatment in cats, consult your vet.

  • This oral treatment is an instant formula for controlling flea infestation on cats.
  • Its fast acting property starts working within 30 minutes of administration.
  • It kills 98 – 100% fleas on cats within 7 hours.
  • Capstar is an all time treatment for heavy infestation.
  • This easy to dose tablet is safe to use on pregnant and lactating queens.
  • Keep away from children and pets.
  • Store at low temperature below 25°C.
  • Wash hands properly with soap and water after administering Capstar tablet.


  • Do not overdose cat with Capstar.
  • Do not treat kittens less than 4 weeks of age.
Target species Cats
Mode of administration Oral
Active Ingredients Nitenpyram
Manufacturer Novartis
Brand Name Capstar
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Reviews: 14
Rating : 1003
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Capstar Flea Control Tablets for Cats

Capstar Flea Control Tablets for Cats

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Best flea control

I've used it for MANY years now (17 or 18?) on cats AND dogs! FAST knockdown - yes, the animal WILL go crazy itchy, for a short time, but this is as fleas are biting as they are dying (I believe); best flea control in short time.

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quick remedy

it is the quickest remedy we can ever get to shoo away those fleas.

* * * * *

fast track solution

it works so fast that our cat is free from fleas instantly

* * * * *

works the best

Won't like to swap this product for any other treatment. it simply works the best

* * * * *

flea control pills

it just instantly control fleas. would recommend

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