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Tick Twister Twin Pack Large and Small Hook
Brand: Tick Key

Tick Twister Twin Pack Large and Small Hook

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It is so easy to use this product. Love to work with it.

Tick Twister Twin Pack Large and Small Hook

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Tick Twister

Tick Twister is a harmless and trouble-free way to eradicate ticks in a few seconds without leaving the mouthparts of ticks planted in the skin of dogs. It does not contain any chemicals and it does not squeeze the tick hence, there is low risk of infection.

How It Works?

  • The tick’s head is covered with backwards-pointing spikes that allow the tick to “anchor” in the skin of the dog. By pulling up on the tick, the spikes will rise and lock the rostrum in the skin. The tick may break leaving body parts resting in the skin and causing a painful inflammation, or an infection. By twisting, the spikes bend into the axis of rotation, and the tick is easily removed, without traction, decreasing the risks of breaking the rostrum. While removing a tick, it is essential not to compress it, reducing the risk of saliva back-flow as a tick’s saliva contains irritating substances and sometimes microorganisms that can lead to infections and/or allergies. Thus, tick twister exerts pressure on the tick and removes them from the body of the dog.
  • Choose the most suitable hook according to the size of the tick
  • Engage the hook by approaching the tick from the side until it is held.
  • Lift the hook very lightly and turn it. The tick detaches by itself after 2 or 3 rotations.
  • It removes all ticks, any size (from 1/10th of a millimeter) and location
  • It doesn’t leave the mouth-parts of the tick planted in the skin if used properly
  • It doesn’t compress the abdomen of the ticks, therefore it minimizes the risk of transmission of pathogens (Lyme disease, Tick Borne Encephalitis...)
  • It doesn’t need any chemical products (alcohol, ether,...)
  • It enables a quick, easy and painless tick removal.
  • It is unbreakable, hardwearing and indefinitely reusable
  • Do not squeeze the tick
  • Do not burn the tick
  • Do not try to kill the tick or put it to sleep with chemical products before removing it
  • Never pull the tick
  • Infectious agents can be transmitted by the tick prior to its removal
  • Tick Twister cannot help prevent the development of diseases
  • After removing a tick, it is recommended to disinfect the bite area with an antiseptic
  • Always consult your doctor or veterinarian in case symptoms occur
  • If you get bitten, it is essential to remove the tick quickly

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Target Species:

Dogs and Cats

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Reviews: 12
Rating : 109
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Tick Twister Twin Pack Large and Small Hook

Tick Twister Twin Pack Large and Small Hook

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this tick twister is quite easy to hold and use.

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Ease of use

Quite easy to use for removing those ticks.

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Quite Handy

It's quite handy, whenever we see any tick on our dog, we just pick it out with this twister.

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easy to handle

it is quite easy to handle and no more risk of hurting the pet

* * * * *

no more ticks

just one twist, and I can remove that hard tick. quite easy to use

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