SHIELD Insecticidal Pour-On

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Very effective pour on, easy to apply and affordable. Loved it.

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SHIELD Insecticidal Pour-On for Horses

SHIELD is ready to use insecticide for controlling insect bites on horses. It aids in the protection against domestic & bush flies, stable fly, biting midges, buffalo fly and mosquitoes. The unique ‘pour-on’ treatment repels flies longer than sprays and it is easier to apply.

  • Product must not be diluted before applying.

  • Simply pour the recommended dosage along the horse’s backline and neck.

  • The incorporated dispensing chamber will assist with the measuring dose.

  • Ensure the product makes contact with the horse’s skin.

  • Protects horses against nuisance of flies and biting insects

  • Controls Domestic & Bush Flies, Stable Fly, Biting Midges, Buffalo Fly, Mosquitoes.

  • Quick & Easy to apply

  • Cheaper per application than spray & wipes

  • Shield is non-flammable, and won’t sting the horse on application

  • Keep out of reach of children and pets.

  • Store in a cool and dry place.

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Reviews: 1
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SHIELD Insecticidal Pour-On

SHIELD Insecticidal Pour-On

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Very effective pour on, easy to apply and affordable. Loved it.