Kong Kickeroo Moppy
Brand: Kong

Kong Kickeroo Moppy For Cat

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Reviews: 2
This toy keeps my cat entertained for hours. A highly recommended product!!!

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Kong Kickeroo Moppy Toy for Cats

Kong Kickeroo range has won the hearts of felines. Moppy Kickeroo is uniquely made using bright colours, plush material and Kong’s American catnip. Its size and shape is perfect for felines to wrestle, snuggle or attack the Moppy fulfilling the hunting instinct. The crinkling sound of the Kickeroo encourages cat’s play. The fluffy tail adds an extra excitement to the game. Pick Kickeroo Moppy for your kitties to let them enjoy this unique toy.

  • Let your feline wrestle and follow the plush tail
  • Don’t leave your feline leave alone while playing
  • Throw in air to let your cat catch
  • Rotate toys to maintain the excitement levels
  • Assorted patterns
  • Entertaining
  • Attractive Colours
  • Irresistible Catnip
  • Plush body with an easy grab tail
  • Crinkling sound
  • Don’t let your children play with it
  • Do not let your kitty play with it if the toy is damaged or broken

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Target Species: Cats

Manufacturer: Kong

Brand: Kong

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Reviews: 2
Rating : 7
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Kong Kickeroo Moppy

Kong Kickeroo Moppy

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Get this toy for your feline!!!

Ever since I got this toy for my kitty she has been playing with it day and night. I have to put it away to restore some peace and quietness. An excellent toy!!!

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My kitty loves it!!!

This toy keeps my cat entertained for hours. A highly recommended product!!!

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