EzyDog Seadog Floatation Vest
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EzyDog Seadog Floatation Vest For Dog

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EzyDog Seadog Floatation Vest

Ezydog Dog Sea Vest

Ezydog Dog Sea Vest is a unique swim suit for the safety of dogs in water. This is extensively designed to provide ergonomic and comfortable fit keeping your dog afloat during water play. The specially made ultra-buoyancy foam is meticulously positioned in the vest to keep your dog in natural swimming position all the time in water. It enhances dog’s natural movement of your dog in water and can be quickly and easily fastened and removed. The reflective lining makes it visible at nigthtime safety.

Ezydog is stylish and comes in beautiful colours and varied sizes to suit your dog size.

Size Chart

Size Weight (kg) Girth (cm) Length (cm)
XS 7-11 48-81 25-33
S 9-20 53-89 33-41
M 18-27 64-99 38-50
L 27-41 69-112 43-61
XL 41+ 76-122 51-66

  • Loosen neck strap and unclip all buckles
  • Place the DFD on the dog’s back and connect the neck clip
  • Position DFD for the greatest back coverage then clip the two chest straps.
  • Adjust these straps evenly for a snug fit.
  • Adjust the neck strap for slightly loose fit (chest straps will keep the DFD in place)
  • Best safety suit for water loving dogs
  • Ergonomic grab handle makes it easy to guide your dog in and out of water
  • Adjustable straps for secure and comfortable fit
  • Lined with reflective detailing for nighttime safety
  • Zip storage pocket
  • Heavy duty and durable material for extra safety and long lasting
  • Keep it away from children.





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EzyDog Seadog Floatation Vest


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Savior For My Dog

My dog is somehow a little afraid of swimming due to which I had to buy him this floating vest. Earlier he used to run away just by the sight of a pool but now he enjoys the waters after I made him swim with this vest on.

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Functions perfectly

I was concerned about body shape and weight of my dog and if this would work. It gives him just enough flotation to feel comfortable in the water and he comes right over to put the life jacket on when we go boating.

* * * * *

Provides safety

Going in unknown water on adventures is what I love most and going on expeditions, I don't leave Tiger behind. Therefore, I got this seafloatation vest which is highly safety for my dog. Thanks Vetsupply for quick delivery and great prices.

* * * * *

Happy to have one

If you and your dog are hiking people and love lot of water, then this is a perfect one to buy. It's just the best safeguard for your dog when you are on adventures. I recently bought it and really happy to have one for hector.

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