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Hills Pet Foods

Product Development

Dogs At Hill’s™, Over 200 veterinarians, food scientists, technicians and specialist nutritionists are continually expending the Science Diet™, Prescription Diet® andIdeal Balance™ branded pet food ranges to meet the needs of your pets when they are in optimal health or  when they are sick. These specialists ensure all Hill’s™ food recipes are balanced for over 50 pet diet nutrients, and most importantly, that pets LOVE their food.

Some important dietary nutrients – the Hill’s™ way

• Hill’s™ high-quality raw ingredients, including specific lean proteins which maximises nutrient absorption and reduced waste output as faeces.

•  reducedlevels of phosphorus, as high levels of phosphorous can be associated with renal disease.

•  added taurine:  taurine is an “essential amino acid” – meaning that it must be provided in the cats’ diet; taurine deficiency, which is common in home-cooked diets is known to result in blindness, tooth decay and heart disease in cats.

•  ideal levels of important antioxidants: antioxidants help combat the damaging effects of free-radicals, which are substances produced during normal metabolism but which are unstable and can damage normal cells. Antioxidants therefore play an essential part in the immune system of all animals, helping to resist infections, reduce the risk of developing cancer, and moderate allergic skin conditions.

Dog and Cat

In a wild diet, antioxidants are sourced from vegetables and fruits, and include vitamins A, C and E, and selenium; in pet diet formulation, antioxidants are present in natural plant-based ingredients, and are also boosted as supplementary ingredients.

•   essential fatty acids – another range of nutrients which must be provided in the diet of animals; omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids are important in the normal function of virtually every body system, from the heart to the immune system, joints, organs and skin /coat. Once again, these nutrients can be found in the natural raw ingredients in Hill's™ diets, and are further supplemented to ensure the nutritional requirements of cats and dogs are met.

Science Diet Products The motto for the Hill’s™ Science Diet™ range is “Wellness Nutrition”.

Science Diet™ provides the benefits of Hill’s™ specialist nutritionist diet formulation, quality raw ingredients and Hill’s™ high standards of manufacture and quality control. The Science Diet™ range offers unique, nutritionally balanced products, with many diets in the range formulated with specific ingredients which help prevent common health issues such as weight gain, or hairballs in cats.

Some examples of the Hill’s™ Science Diet™ range for cats:

Hill's™ Science Diet™ Kitten Healthy Development

  • For kittens, from weaning until 1 year old.
  • For pregnant or nursing cats.




Hill's™ Science Diet™ Adult Hairball Control – Dry (regular and light: reduced calorie formulations)


  • For adult cats 1 -- 6 years of age prone to hairballs.

The diet uses unique fibre technology to reduce hairball formation by moving hair through your cat's system easily, reducing fur ball formation in just 30 days.


Hill's™ Science Diet™ Adult Oral Care


  • For adult cats 1 -- 6 years of age, to provide protection from plaque and tartar buildup

This formula utilises advanced fibre technology that helps scrub teeth, thus reducing plaque build-up.


This diet is ideal for multi-cat households as it is suitable for cats of different breeds and  weights.


Hill's™ Science Diet™ Adult Sensitive Stomach & Skin for cats – Dry


  • For adult cats with sensitive digestive systems and to improve skin and coat health.

This formula is rice-based, which is a nutritious, easily digested carbohydrate, and Hill's™ balanced combination of fatty acids and antioxidants to help promoteideal intestinal health.


Hill's™ Science Diet™ Senior 11+ Age Defying

  • For senior cats aged 11 and older.

Developed by Hill's™ nutritionists with a boost of antioxidants and multivitamin combination to help maintain renal and brain function as cats age.   


Some examples of the Hill’s™ Science Diet™ range for dogs:

Hill's™ Science Diet™Puppy– Dry and  Gourmet Chicken Entrée canned varieties

Hill's™ Science Diet™ Adult Healthy Mobility™ - Large Breed and Small Bites options

  • The formulation aims to improve mobility in 30 days. Specific joint-support ingredients include: Omega-3 fatty acids;  natural sources of glucosamine &chondroitin;L-carnitine and calcium to support strong bones and healthy muscles.

Hill's™ Science Diet™Adult Sensitive Skin

  • For adult dogs 1 -- 6 years of age with dry, flaky, itchy and sensitive skin.

A select omega-3 & omega-6 fatty acids blend, in combination with Vitamin E and other nutrients help promote healthy skin and a glossy coat.


Adult Dog

Hill's™ Science Diet™Adult Sensitive Stomach

  • For adult dogs 1 -- 6 years of age with sensitive stomachs (i.e. occasional loose stools, upset stomach, or food intolerance)

Hill's™ Science Diet™ Mature Adult Large Breed

  • For large breed dogs weighing 25 -- 50 kgs (6+ years of age) and giant breed dogs weighing 50+ kgs (5+ years of age).

With a boost of  L-Carnitine to help turn fat into energy and with a natural source of glucosamine and chondroitin sulphate to maintain healthy joints.

Cat The Prescription Diet™ range offers a selection of products specially formulated with supplementary therapeutic components targeted at supporting pets with specific conditions, diagnosed after a thorough veterinary examination and any necessary laboratory / radiographic investigations. Prescription Diets™ are to be used only after being specifically prescribed by the diagnosing veterinarian.

NB. Ongoing use of any Hills Prescription Diet™ requires regular review by the prescribing veterinarian to ensure the diet is still suitable for the individual animal.

Some examples of the Hill's Prescription Diet™ range include the following:

(Previously a/d® Canine/Feline Critical Care)

  • This highly palatable formula offers a high-calorie option for pets recovering from major illness and surgery – easily digested nutrition when pets most need a nutrient boost!

Prescription diets for a urinary crystals and stones.

Certain mineral components in the diets of cats and dogs can increase the risk of mineral-based crystals or stones in the urinary tract.  These crystals and stones can lead to health issues ranging from discomfort during urination to medical emergencies from a blocked urinary tract. Armed with years of scientific research in this area, Hill’s™ have developed a range of prescription diets – in both canned and dry varieties - designed to combat the formation of the most common urinary crystals and stones in both cats and dogs.

This range includes:

  • Hill's Prescription Diet™ c/d™ Multicare (Canine AND Feline) - Urinary Care

(Previously called “c/d™ Urinary Tract Health”)

  • Hill's Prescription Diet™ u/d™ Canine Non-Struvite - Urinary Care


Prescription diets for kidney care

Hill's Prescription Diet™k/d™ (Canine AND Feline)Kidney Care

-Dry and Canned varieties

(Previously called “k/d™ Renal Health”)

The correct combination of nutrients is critical for maintaining kidney function as pets age and kidney failure becomes apparent. Kidney disease can be debilitating over time, but Hill's Prescription Diet™ k/d™ is clinically proven to improve quality of life in cats and dogs experiencing kidney disease.

Hills Prescription Diet k/d ™ is formulated with the key benefits of controlled phosphorus and low sodium, and reduced levels of high-quality protein.


Prescription diets for weight control and diabetes

  • Hill's Prescription Diet™ (Canine AND Feline) Metabolic Advanced Weight Solution

Dry and canned and treat varieties

This product provides all the nutrition your pet needs during weight loss and maintenance. Metabolic diet is clinically proven to safely provide 28% body fat loss in only two months. Select fibre components control hunger, helping to keep pets feeling satisfied between meals.

  • Hill's Prescription Diet™ w/d™ Canine Digestive/Weight/Glucose Management 

-- Dry and Canned (canine) varieties

(Previously called “w/d™ Low Fat-Glucose Management-Gastrointestinal”)

This high-fibre formula assists in weight control and helps to stabilise blood glucose levels in metabolic conditions such as diabetes.

  • Hill's Prescription Diet™ m/d™ Feline Glucose / Weight Management

- Dry and Canned varieties

(Previously called “m/d™ Feline Weight Loss-Low Carbohydrate-Glucose Management”)

  • For cats requiring weight reduction, and for insulin control in diabetic cats.

A large proportion of the pet population is overweight, impacting quality of life and longevity. Factors contributing to weight gain include genetics, age, lack of exercise and overfeeding. Hill's Prescription Diet™ m/d™ combines benefits of a

low carbohydrate, high protein formula to modify the cats' metabolism and reduce body fat; high levels of L-Carnitine to help mobilise body fat other components help regulate insulin secretion – of particular importance in cats with diabetes or at risk of developing this condition.


Prescription diets for maintaining excellent oral health

Hill's Prescription Diet™ t/d™ (Canine AND Feline) Dental Care

  • Also available as t/d™ CanineSmall Bites

(Previously called “t/d™ Dental Health”)

  • Simple dental care for dogs and cats in bite-size food chunks

Dental disease caused

Dental disease caused by the accumulation of bacteria in plaque can lead to bacterial spread and further disease throughout the body – particularly in the heart and kidneys.

Hill's™ nutritionists and veterinarians have specially formulated t/d™ Dental Care to keep your pet's teeth clean and help control the oral bacteria found in plaque – it’s clinically proven to reduce plaque, stain and tartar build-up and reduce bad breath


Prescription diets for digestive or dietary disease, including allergies

  • Hill's Prescription Diet™ i/d™ (Canine AND Feline) Digestive Care

-Dry and Canned varieties

- Also available in low fat variety -  i/d™ Low Fat GI Restore Canine

(Previously called “i/d™ Gastrointestinal Health”)

Many pets experience gastrointestinal upsets either as an occasional episode or as a long-term chronic condition such as inflammatory bowel disease. The i/d™ range has been formulated to help manage pets with these digestive health problems, by avoiding the use of potential bowel irritants and improving absorption of nutrients.

  • Hill's Prescription Diet™ z/d™ (Canine AND Feline) Skin/Food Sensitivities

-    Dry and Canned varieties


Due to genetic and environmental factors, many pets are developing food sensitivity and intolerance which can lead to itchy skin and ears and stomach upsets. Research in this area has shown that pets suffering from food intolerances have usually  developed an immune response to the proteins in their current diet – leading to the itching symptoms.


Hill’s™ nutritionists & veterinarians developed Hill’s™    Prescription Diet™ z/d™ clinical nutrition especially formulated with highly hydrolyzed protein to minimise the immune reaction to dietary proteins. Additional nutrients such as fatty acids and antioxidants help maintain a healthy skin barrier. 

Pets fed an exclusively on Hill’s™  z/d™ - with no additional external protein source such as meat scraps or treats - can benefit from improved digestion leading to firmer stools,  and improvements in skin & coat condition.


Prescription diets for pets suffering symptoms of arthritis

-    Dry and Canned varieties

•  For dogs and cats with mobility problems typically associated with joint disease.

DogAs pets age, like humans, their joint slowly deteriorate form the wear and tear of physical activity – especially certain breeds prone to joint issues. Being aware of joint pain and starting your pet on a joint-support diet when pain is first evident, can delay of avoid the need for more aggressive treatments such as non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medication and surgery.

Hill's Prescription Diet™ j/d™  is recommended for these pets, and has been designed to provide specific nutrients proven to support joints  -   controlled calorie content,  Omega 3 fatty acid to nourish and preserve joint cartilage ,  L-carnitine to help burn fat and maintain a healthy weight to avoid excess stress on pets’ joints.

Reference: Hill’s™   product information –

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