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Seresto Flea Collar + Drontal Combo Pack

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Seresto Flea Collar + Drontal Combo Pack For Cats 4kg

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Seresto Flea Collar + Drontal Combo Pack For Cats 6kg

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Seresto Flea Collar + Drontal Allwormer for Cats Combo Pack

Seresto Flea Collar and Drontal for Cats is an ideal combo pack for protecting your cat from internal as well as external parasites. This cost-effective combo is easy to use on cats and ensures complete protection from fleas, paralysis ticks, and intestinal worms. In addition, it also prevents flea borne diseases in cats. Seresto is a flea and tick collar that stays effective for full 8 months and Drontal Allwormer works for 3 months. Thus, they both have a long-lasting effect against parasites.

Seresto for Cats

Seresto is a powerful flea collar designed for cats. It is a unique collar that works perfectly against flea and tick infestations in cats for up to 8 months. It is an odourless collar that is easy to put on and ensures the comfort of the cat. It provides protection from fleas as well as paralysis ticks. Moreover, it also treats and controls flea allergy dermatitis in cats. Seresto is fast-acting thus, it kills 98% fleas within 24 hours of starting the treatment. This advanced collar kills fleas on contact, so it doesn’t require the flea to bite the pet. Seresto can be used on cats and kittens over 10 weeks of age.

Drontal for Cats

Drontal for Cats is a wide spectrum treatment for treating and controlling intestinal worms in cats. One single tablet works against various intestinal worms such as roundworm, hookworm, and tapeworm in cats and kittens. When used once every 3 months, Drontal provides complete protection from gastrointestinal worms. This treatment is safe to use on cats and kittens above 6 weeks of age.

*Pack Details:

Pack Size Seresto Drontal
For Small Cats 4kg 1 Pack Seresto Flea Collar For Kittens & Cats (Orange) 2 Tablets of Drontal Wormers For Small Cats 4kg
For Large Cats 6kg 1 Pack Seresto Flea Collar For Kittens & Cats (Orange) 2 Tablets of Drontal Wormers For Large Cats 6kg

Seresto Collar for Cats

  • One collar is useful for one animal.
  • Remove collar from the pouch before use.
  • Unroll the collar and remove all the plastic connectors.
  • Adjust the collar around the neck of your cat without over tightening.
  • Ensure to leave 2 fingers space between the neck of the cat and the collar.
  • Pull collar over the loop and cut off any excess length extending beyond 2 cm.
  • The collar should be worn continuously for the full protection period.
  • For growing kittens, check the collar periodically and adjust the fitting accordingly.

Drontal for Cats

  • Weigh your cat and choose the right product accordingly.
  • Administer the tablet directly into the mouth.
  • If the pet resists, break the tablets and mix it with the food.
  • Repeat this every three months for complete protection.

Seresto for Cats

  • Unique flea protection collar for cats
  • Existing adult fleas are killed within 24 hours after collar application
  • Protects cats against flea and paralysis tick infestation for up to 8 months
  • Easily fits and can be adjusted for growing kittens
  • Kills fleas and ticks on contact
  • Reduces the risk of flea-borne diseases
  • Odourless and easy to use collar
  • The breakthrough technology helps cat to get free in trapped situation

Drontal for Cats

  • One tablet for treating multiple parasites
  • Kills roundworms, hookworms and tapeworms
  • Prevents diseases caused by intestinal worms
  • Easy to administer tablets
  • Safe for use in kittens from 6 weeks of age
  • Wash hands after use.
  • For animal treatment only.
  • For external use only.
  • Store at room temperature.
  • Follow label instructions for expiry, administration and other details.


  • Keep out of reach of children.
  • Do not allow children to play with the collar.
  • Do not open inner pouch until ready to use.
  • The safety of this product is not evaluated for pregnant and lactating animals.
  • Wash hands after administering the tablet.


  • Do not give to kittens that are younger than 2 weeks.
  • Do not administer to pets allergic to any of the ingredients of Drontal for cats.
  • Side effects are rare but may occur to hypersensitive pets. Vomiting, diarrhea, appetite loss, and excessive salivation are some of the common adverse effects. Consult a vet if any of these symptoms are observed.
  • Do not club it with any other deworming treatment. Ask a vet before doing so.
  • Consult a vet before treating convalescing, pregnant and lactating pets.

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Target Species Cats
Mode of Administration Seresto: Topical
Drontal: Oral
Active Ingredients Seresto: Flumethrin, Imidacloprid
Drontal: Praziquantel, Pyrantel Embonate
Manufacturer Bayer
Brand Seresto: Advantage
Drontal: Drontal
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