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Balanced Cal Tablets
Brand: Mavlab

Balanced Cal Tablets

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Firstly, these tablets are suitable for both my dogs and cats. And secondly, they fill up calcium deficiencies. A must have product!

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Balanced Calium Tablets

Balanced Cal tablets are an easy to administer scientific formulation that fills up the gaps of a balanced diet. These tablets fulfill the vitamin and mineral deficiencies of cats and dogs. The tablets have chocolate flavor and are taken as a treat by the pet. Suitable for all sizes of cats and dogs, these food supplements benefit the general health of the pet.

Working Method:

Balanced cal tablets are made up of calcium, phosphorus and cholecalciferol. The combined effect of the ingredients helps in correcting the calcium phosphorus ratio of in meat and cereal diets of pets. These food supplements are suitable for all breeds of cats and dogs. They aid in general wellbeing and proper growth of the pet.


Dosage of the tablet varies with the weight and diet of the pet. Ask your vet about the correct dosage of the tablet. If the pet does not take it directly in the mouth, then crumble it and mix with the pet’s food.

Note: It is safe for pregnant and lactating cats and dogs.

Key Benefits

  • Chocolate flavored food supplement that is easy to administer
  • Corrects the calcium to phosphorus ratio in veg and non-veg diet of the pet
  • Vitamin D3 and calcium supplements for the pet
  • Safe for all sizes and breeds of cats and dogs
  • Regulates metabolic processes
  • Fills up the calcium deficiencies in cats and dogs


  • Keep away from children and food
  • It should not be administered to greyhounds within 72 hours of racing
  • Store at normal temperatures that is below 30 degrees Celsius
  • Wash hands after giving the tablet


Do not administer to greyhounds within 72 hours of racing

More Information

Target species Cats and dogs
Mode of administration Oral
Active Ingredient Calcium, Phosphorus and Cholecalciferol
Manufacturer Mavlab
Brand Name Balanced Cal Tablets
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Reviews: 1
Rating : 13
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Balanced Cal Tablets

Balanced Cal Tablets

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Fills up calcium deficiencies

Firstly, these tablets are suitable for both my dogs and cats. And secondly, they fill up calcium deficiencies. A must have product!

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