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Nexgard Chewables For Very Small Dogs (2 - 4 Kg) Orange

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Nexgard Chewables For Very Small Dogs (2 - 4 Kg) Orange
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Brand: Nexgard

Nexgard Chewables For Very Small Dogs (2 - 4 Kg) Orange

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Nexgard Chewables For Very Small Dogs (2 - 4 Kg) Orange with Lowest Price + Free Shipping Australia Wide 1010-9295
It's just effective and safe for two pugs.
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Nexgard Chewables For Very Small Dogs (2 - 4 Kg) Orange 3 Chews
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Nexgard for Dogs - Nexgard Flea and Tick Treatment

Nexgard for Dogs offers a month-long protection against fleas and ticks. The soft flavoured chews kill both fleas and ticks. It destroys ticks especially Paralysis ticks, Brown dog ticks and bush ticks. NexGard kills adult fleas and ticks. The advanced formula is also indicated for the control of mite infestation. Nexgard chewables are also effective against demodectic mange (caused by Demodex spp.), sarcoptic mange (caused by Sarcoptes scabiei), and otodectic mange (caused by Otodectes cynotis). It is helpful for the treatment and prevention of flea infestations and for the control of newly acquired adult fleas.

Method of working

Nexgard contains afoxolaner as the active ingredient. Afoxolaner keeps releasing for one continuous month. It creates hyper excitation in the central nervous system of fleas and ticks, and destroys them. The continued activity for 30 days prevents any chances of re-infestations. Additionally, flea tapeworm infestation is prevented by the action of afoxolaner on the primary intermediate host, the flea. The active ingredient rapidly kills fleas, which effectively prevents maturation of the immature stage of tapeworms, and thereby prevents flea tapeworm infestations in dogs. The treatment is highly effective for Paralysis ticks, Brown dog ticks and Bush ticks. The flavoured chewable reduces flea egg production and flea population. It is safe to use on puppies from 8 weeks of age.

Nexgard Spectra for Dogs

Nexgard Spectra is an advanced, multi-spectrum treatment for fleas, ticks, ear mites, roundworms, hookworms, and whipworms. It also prevents heartworm disease in dogs. The oral treatment provides 100% protection against the parasites for almost a month and is highly palatable for dogs. Learn More

Please Note: Nexgard Chewables Blue & Green 6 Pack contains 2 X 3 Packs and Blue & Green 12 Pack contains: 2 X 3 Pack plus 1 X 6 pack.


The dosage of Nexgard for dogs varies in accordance with the weight of the canine. 2.7-6.9 mg/Kg body weight is the recommended dosage. These chewable tablets are available in four different packs marked by different colours. Refer dosage table for details.

To administer, put the tablet directly in the pet’s mouth. If the dog resists then you can mix with his food. In this case, make sure that the pet completes his meal so as to intake the entire dosage. Repeat after 30 days (one month), precisely on the same date.

Dosage table for NexGard

Dog Weight Pack Color No. of tablets Tablet strength
2-4 Kg Orange One 11.3 mg
4.1-10 Kg Blue One 28.3 mg
10.1-25 Kg Green One 68.0 mg
25.1-50 Kg Red One 136.0 mg
>50 Kg Give appropriate combination of tablets

Note:- Safety of Nexgard in breeding, pregnant and lactating dogs has not been approved. So, follow your vet’s advice if your pet is in any of these stages.


  • It is easy to administer as beef flavoured chew is taken as a treat by pets.
  • Compared to spot-on treatments, it is mess free as there are no chances of residue, staining or discolouration of the pet’s skin.
  • It starts working within 8 hours and thus is a rapid acting treatment for dogs.
  • It controls various ticks and prevents flea infestation.
  • Once a month treatment.


  • Nexgard is strictly a dog flea and tick treatment. Do not administer it to any other species of pets.
  • Keep away from children and pets.
  • In case, the pet has a history of epilepsy or seizures then vet advice prior to buying Nexgard is a must.
  • Follow the label instructions to get details about administration, expiry date, dosage and precautions.
  • Store at temperature below 30°C (86°F).
  • Adverse reactions are rare but may be observed in hypersensitive pets. If your pet shows symptoms like vomiting, appetite loss, lethargy, flaky skin, diarrhea etc. then consult a vet immediately.
  • Wash hands with soap and water after giving the chewable to the pet.


Do not give to pets allergic to any of the ingredients of Nexgard.

More Information

Target species 8 weeks and older puppies and dogs weighing at least 2 Kgs
Mode of administration Oral
Active Ingredient Afoxolaner
Manufacturer Merial
Brand Name NexGard

APVMA Approval Number

Nexgard Chewables For Very Small Dogs (2 - 4 Kg) Orange 67942/57146
Nexgard Chewables For Small Dogs (4.1 - 10 Kg) Blue 67941/57145
Nexgard Chewables For Medium Dogs (10.1 - 25 Kg) Green 67940/102732
Nexgard Chewables For Large Dogs (25 - 50 Kg) Red 67939/57142
Nexgard Spectra for Very Small Dogs (2-3.5kg) Orange 81008/102149
Nexgard Spectra for Small Dogs (3.6-7.5kg) Yellow 81010/102155
Nexgard Spectra for Medium Dogs (7.6-15kg) Green 81011/102157
Nexgard Spectra for Large Dogs (15.1-30kg) Purple 81012/102161
Nexgard Spectra for Extra Large Dogs (30.1-60kg) Red 81055/102246
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Authentic and Effective

I’ve used this product for many years. It does it’s job

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would recommend

Have tried this for our four dogs and it gave perfect results for all of them. would recommend/

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Excellent product

Works great for both of my dogs!

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No more tough times

No more tough times for our Dogs.


using for a long time

we are using this treatment for a long time. and never have any complaints

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