Sashas Blend Powder For Dog

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Sashas Blend Powder For Dogs

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Sashas Blend Powder

Sashas Blend Joint Health Powder For Dogs 250g

Sasha’s Blend powder is an effective supplement for treating arthritic symptoms in all breeds of dogs. It is blend of high level proteins, complex sugars, glucosamine, chondroitin and marine nutrients that help in healing painful joints. It improves joint function in 6 months older puppies, adult dogs and ageing canines.

How it works?

Sasha’s Blend Powder contains chondroitin, keratin, heparin, glucosamine, dermatan sulphates, hyaluronic acid, Taurine, Glycosaminoglycans, Chondroitin Sulphate and marine cartilage. The proportionate combination of these ingredients works wonders in improving joint health in dogs. It helps to improve ageing pet’s mobility by producing synovial fluid. It also helps in developing healthy joints in puppies over 6 months of age.

  • Easy to administer joint care powder
  • Treats arthritic symptoms in ageing dogs
  • Improves joint mobility within two to four weeks of administration
  • Reduces joint degradation
  • Produces synovial fluid required for joint repair
  • Gives relief from joint pain and inflammation
  • Suitable for all breeds of dogs that suffer from joint dysplasia, joint injuries, arthritis, ageing symptoms

Feeding Guidelines:

Administer once a day by mixing with the pet’s food or drink.


  • Dogs weighing up to 22 lbs – ½ teaspoon per day
  • 23 to 44 lbs – ¾ teaspoon per day
  • 45 to 66 lbs – 1 level teaspoon per day
  • 67 to 88 lbs – 1 ¼ teaspoons
  • 89 to 110 lbs – 1 ½ teaspoons

Note: A 250 gram tub is sufficient to treat a 44 lb dog for 145 days.

  • Do not give to dogs having allergy of shellfish or marine products
  • Do not give to pregnant dogs
  • Do not overdose
  • Keep away from children and food
  • Store in airtight containers
  • Wash hands after administering the food
  • Follow label instructions for details of administration, precautions and expiry date


  • Do not give to pets allergic to marine products and shellfish
  • Do not give to pregnant pets
Target species   Dogs
Ingredients   Green Lipped Mussel, Abalone and Shark Cartilage
Mode of administration   Oral  
Manufacturer   Interpath  
Brand Name   Sashas Blend Powder
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Sashas Blend Powder


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It's a healer

Choose this product to reduce and treat arthritis symptoms. it's seriously amazing !!

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Improved my dog's health

My doggy could hardly walk, but it has been over two weeks since I have been using Sasha's Blend Joint Health Powder and there has been a remarkable improvement in him. Highly effective product!!!

* * * * *

Great for leg ailments

My 5 year old Staffie was suffering from ligament trouble. I researched on the internet and came across this product. It has been two months and my furry pal has recovered quite nicely. Thank you so much!!!

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