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Epi-Soothe Conditioner
Brand: Virbac

Epi-Soothe Conditioner

4.8 / 5
Reviews: 4
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Superb conditioner made Lussy's coat so soft and turned him to a good smelling cuddly pet.

Epi-Soothe Conditioner

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Epi-Soothe Conditioner for Dogs

Epi-Soothe Conditioner is an excellent cream rinse formula for dog coat. To be used after bathing, this scientific formulation supports to relieve dry, itchy and sensitive skin. It helps to treat inflamed and irritated skin. Specially formulated to be used after washing, it helps to restore natural skin moisture and provides high sheen to the coat.

How does it work?

Epi-Soothe conditioner contains oatmeal and other ingredients, which are formulated in a unique way. The microscopic oatmeal particles soothe itchy skin. The other ingredients work to restore natural skin oil and help to retain moisture. This in turn makes the hair manageable and helps prevent tangles. The formula also adds shine to your dog coat.


  • To be used after Epi-Soothe shampoo.
  • Shake well before use.
  • After shampooing with Epi-Soothe Shampoo apply on wet coat.
  • Massage to aid in skin penetration.
  • After 5 minutes rinse lightly.
  • Use daily if required or as directed by your vet.

Key Benefits

  • Epi-Soothe conditioner relieves itchiness and provides soothing effect.
  • The pH balance formula normalizes dry and itchy skin.
  • This pet conditioner helps to restore skin oils and moisture.
  • The regular use improves pet skin texture and coat sheen.
  • It removes tangles and assures matt-free fur.
  • Beneficial for all skin types, its soap-free formulation makes it ideal for sensitive skin.


  • Store the product at room temperature.
  • Keep out of reach of children and pets.
  • Strictly for veterinary use only.
  • Avoid contact with eyes.
  • For external use only.


  • No contraindications found for using this pet conditioner.

More Information

Target species Dogs
Mode of administration Topical
Active Ingredients Colloidal oatmeal
Manufacturer Virbac
Brand Name Epi-Soothe Conditioner
Product Reviews
Review: 4 | Ratings: 23
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Improves pet skin texture and coat sheen

This conditioner does really well in improving my pet’s skin texture as well as coat sheen. It also restores skin oils and provides a soothing effect.


Good for sensitive dogs

My Tyke is extremely sensitive to shampoos and conditioners so I have to use Epi-soothe shampoo and conditioner to bathe him. It has relieved him of itchy and dry skin and the coat has also become super soft and shiny.


Finest conditioner

Finest product I have ever used on Molly's coat. She looks so gorgeous in soft coat without any tangles.


Absolutely wonderful

Superb conditioner made Lussy's coat so soft and turned him to a good smelling cuddly pet.

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