Fido Fresh Coat Spray
Brand: Fido

Fido Fresh Coat Spray For Dog

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The product is really good on my fido, Titan's coat.

Fido Fresh Coat Spray Fido Fresh Coat Spray

Fido Fresh Coat Spray
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Fido’s Fresh Coat Spray is a pleasant smelling, non-greasy coat conditioner and deodorant spay for dogs. The scientifically proven cologne spray brings back the natural sheen and lustre of your dog’s coat. It assists to de-tangle coat easily and eliminates pet odours leaving refreshing smell for the day. Suitable to use on both dry and wet coat, Fido’s Fresh Coat Spray is a special pet spray for maintaining healthy coat.

How it works

Fido’s Fresh Coat Spray is a combination of absorbent lanolin and silicone. This unique combination conditions and de-tangles the coat. The cologne base helps to leave the pet smelling great. It provides a finishing touch after hydrobathing.


  • Apply to a dry or wet coat.
  • Ruffle the coat and spray a fine mist from 25 to 30 cm until slightly damp.
  • Brush the coat back into place and allow it to dry.
  • Take care not to spray near cat’s eyes.

Key Benefits

  • A refreshing spray for conditioning coat and deodorising it.
  • The topical formula offers mild bacteriostatic effect to protect dog skin and coat from skin problems.
  • Fido’s Fresh Coat Spray helps to easily detangle coat through brushing.
  • Being an effective deodorant, it eliminates pet odours and leaves the coat smelling fresh for hours.
  • It is suitable to use with long term flea control products.
  • Highly recommended to use on pets before discharge from hospitalisation, boarding, grooming and showing.


  • Store it below 30 degree Celsius (room temperature).
  • Obtain special instructions before use.
  • Wear gloves while treating pet with Fido Fresh Coat Spray.


  • No possible side effects seen.

More Information

Target species Dogs and cats
Mode of application Topical
Key Ingredients Lanolin, silicone, quaternary ammonium compound.
Manufacturer: Mavlab
Brand Fido
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Reviews: 1
Rating : 44
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Fido Fresh Coat Spray

Fido Fresh Coat Spray

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Gentle on skin

The product is really good on my fido, Titan's coat.

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