Equinade Showsilk Concentrate Shampoo
Brand: Equinade

Equinade Showsilk Concentrate Shampoo

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Equinade Showsilk Shampoo Concentrate for Horses

Equinade Showsilk Concentrate Shampoo is a perfect pH balanced shampoo. It cleans off all traces of grime and dirt. The special medicinal qualities nourish the coat and skin, preventing scurf and assists in the control of dermatological conditions. It treats and prevents tropical bacterial infections such as ring worm. After shampooing it is important to finish off with a conditioner in order to close the cuticle. It also prevents the coat from drying and fading.

  • Before shampooing, glove and apron.

  • Saturate the coat with water.

  • Apply shampoo to coat & lather evenly.

  • Leave in for up to 10 minutes.

  • Rinse well & lock in colour with Equinade Showsilk Conditioner.

  • Cleans away all traces of dirt

  • Provides more washes in every bottle

  • Aids to control of dermatological conditions and

  • Prevents tropical bacterial infections including eczema and ringworm

  • Nourishes the coat and skin to assist skin pores to function correctly and help prevent the buildup of dead skin

  • Has a gentle pH balance to best care for the skin and coat

  • Keep out of reach of children and pets.

  • Store in a cool and dry place.

Active Ingredients:

Natural colours and optical brighteners



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Equinade Showsilk Concentrate Shampoo

Equinade Showsilk Concentrate Shampoo

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