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Natural Animal Solutions Itchy Scratch
Brand: Natural Animal Solutions

Natural Animal Solutions Itchy Scratch

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Reviews: 3
Rating : 231

Natural Animal Solutions Itchy Scratch

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Natural Animal Solutions Itchy Scratch

Natural Animal Solutions Itchy Scratch for Dogs, Cats and Horses

Natural Animal Solutions Itchy Scratch is a highly effective itch free formulation for cats, dogs and horses. This fast acting solution is specially designed for itchy skin and hot spots. The spray formula helps with licking sore paws, skin irritation and hot spots. This powerful solution also helps fight itchiness on mane and tail of horses.

How Does it Work?

Natural Animal Solutions Itchy Scratch contains natural ingredients with aluminium acetate solution mixed with the finest plant extracts. This powerful solution acts quickly in soothing the itchy areas. The active ingredients are exclusively selected to provide fast action without the side effects that the other products may cause. It comes in a handy spray applicator for easy administration even to those hard to reach areas.

  • Shake the bottle well before use.
  • Spray Itchy Scratch on the affected area directly on the skin.
  • Use up to four times daily.
  • For use on sensitive animals, dilute 1:1 in water.
  • Specially formulated for skin and hot spots in pets.
  • Helpful in treating and preventing sore paws
  • It is a powerful soothing solution
  • Free from cortisone and antibiotics
  • Help prevent licking paws
  • Useful for mane and tail itch
  • Safe for cats, dogs and horses
  • Keep out of reach of children and pets.
  • Store it at room temperature.
Target species Dogs /Cats
Mode of application Topical
Key Ingredients Aluminium acetate solution
Aloe Vera
Golden Seal
Boric Acid
Tea tree oil 2%
Manufacturer: Natural Animal Solutions
Brand Natural Animal Solutions
* * * * *
Reviews: 3
Rating : 231
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Natural Animal Solutions Itchy Scratch


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Shows quick results for itching.

Instantly showed results. Applied it for just two days and my dog stopped scratching himself. Really like its effectiveness and love the price I got here!

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No itchiness

To ease itchiness on kerry, I always use this product and it really helps me in making her calm. Thanks Vetsupply for the best quality.

* * * * *

No more itchesssss :)

I never know why my two furry kids scratch always. But, thanks to NAS itchy scratch this works perfectly fine and there are no scratching and itching now. :)

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