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Balanced Calcium Powder
Brand: Mavlab

Balanced Calcium Powder

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Balanced Calcium Tablets for Dogs and Cats – It is highly effective vitamins suppliments & Minerals for your pets. VetSupply.com.au offers all pet supplies at cheapest price with free shipping online in US. 206

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Mavlab Balanced Calcium Powder

Just like humans, pets need certain nutrients in right amount to stay healthy. Apart from phosphorus, calcium is a major nutrient whose deficiency can cause a number of health problems in your pet. Balanced Calcium powder is ideal calcium and phosphorus supplement for your dogs and cats. It is specifically formulated to address extra calcium requirements during various life stages of your pet.

Mavlab Balanced Calcium Powder

A perfect blend of calcium and vitamin D3, Balanced Calcium powder is an excellent dietary supplement for your growing pets like dogs, cats and horses. Scientifically formulated, this powder is helpful in treating calcium deficiencies in animals. Furthermore, it levels up the calcium/phosphorus ratio in meat and cereal diets given to pets for ensuring proper growth.

Mix Balanced Calcium powder with daily meal


  • Check the dose for your pets in the following table or as per your vet’s recommendations.
  • For dogs and cats: 1 measure (4 g)/500 g meat-fed
  • For horses
  • Grain diet: 1 measure/400 g of grain-fed
  • Bran diet: 2 measures (8 g)/400 g of bran fed.
  • Balanced Calcium powder is an effective natural supplement of calcium and phosphorus during the time of rapid growth in dogs and cats.
  • Perfecting the level of calcium to phosphorus ratio in meat and cereal diets, Balanced Calcium powder also helps in treating calcium deficiencies.
  • This dietary product is suitable for all breeds, ages and sizes of dogs and cats.
  • Mavlab’s Balanced Calcium powder is highly beneficial for pets during pregnancy and lactation as it meets additional calcium requirements.
  • The delicious chocolate flavor makes administration quite easy especially in cats.
  • It is strictly recommended for veterinary use only
  • Keep out of reach of children and pets
  • Store in a cool place at room temperature


Do not use in greyhounds within 72 hours of racing.


  • Calcium carbonate 750 / 807mg/kg
  • Phosphorus 11 / 13g/kg
  • Vitamin D3 / 80,000iu/kg



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