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VetaFarm Wormout Gel for Birds for Birds
Brand: Vetafarm

VetaFarm Wormout Gel for Birds for Birds

VetaFarm Wormout Gel for Birds for Birds with Lowest Price + Free Shipping Australia Wide 2080-9771

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VetaFarm Wormout Gel

Wormout Gel is designed for worming birds including caged and aviary as well as pigeons. The oral gel treats different worms including Thread Worm (Capillaria spp.), Tapeworm (Raillietina spp, Choanotaenia spp.), Roundworm (Ascaridia spp.), Caecal Worm (Heterakis gallinarum), and Hookworm (Acuaria spp.) The water soluble bird wormer is easy to administer as comes in gel form and safe for birds.

  • All Aviary Birds – add 1 mL to 80 mL of water.

  • Supply medicated water for 2 days.

  • Remove other sources of water during treatment.

  • Aviaries should be treated at least four times a year.

Treatment by Crop Needle

  • Fill a 1 mL syringe with Wormout Gel and deliver.

  • Administer 0.05 mL per 100 g body weight, once.

  • Repeat three monthly.

  • Kills all the major intestinal worms including roundworms, hookworms, threadworms, tapeworms and caecal worms in birds

  • Protects caged and aviary birds and pigeons from worm infection

  • Highly helpful during breeding and racing season

  • Safe and can be mixed in small amounts for administration

  • Keep out of reach of children and pets.

  • Store below 30 degree C (room temperature).

  • Do not mix Wormout with other treatments.

Active Ingredients:

Praziquantel, Oxfendazole



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VetaFarm Wormout Gel for Birds

VetaFarm Wormout Gel for Birds

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