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Endogard For Dogs
Brand: Virbac

Endogard For Dogs

Buy Endogard Dog Wormer online at lowest price. Treatment and control of roundworm, whipworm, hookworm and tapeworm, including hydatids in dogs. 1456
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Reviews: 14
I swear by this product. Every time my dog is affected by worms I just start dosing him with Endogard and so far it has worked efficaciously.

Endogard For Dogs For Small Dogs/Puppies 5Kg (Green)

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Endogard Allwormer Tablets for Dogs

Endogard is a liver flavored tablet for treating allwormers. This worming tablet is used in the treatment of mixed worm infestations in adult dogs and puppies. The oral worm control product treats Nematods, Ascarids: Toxocara canis, Toxascaris leonina (late immature forms and mature forms), Hookworms: Uncinaria stenocephala, Ancylostoma caninum (adults), Cestodes Taenia spp., Dipylidium caninum. It prevents severe infection and protects dogs from harmful effects. It does not prevent heartworm infection in dogs.

How does it work?

Endogard contains two main ingredients - praziquantel and oxibendazole. The first ingredient Praziquantel is effective in controlling tapeworms in dogs and the other ingredient oxibendazole treats other intestinal worms in dogs. Oxibendazole is an ultimate product that is used as an annual rotational treatment to help reduce the possibility of resistance against pyrantel based dewormers. It is a comprehensive parasite control product extensively prepared for dogs.


  • It is necessary to weigh your dog before treatment.
  • Administer the dosage according to your dog’s weight.
  • Directly give it through mouth or mix it in dog feed.
  • Ensure that your dog completes the whole meal for proper dosage.
1 tablet of Endogard green pack treats 5 Kg bodyweight.
1 tablet of Endogard orange pack treats 10 Kg bodyweight.
1 tablet of Endogard purple pack treats 20 Kg bodyweight.
1 tablet of Endogard blue pack treats 35 Kg bodyweight.
Start administering Endogard to puppies at 2, 4, 6 and 8 weeks of age and continue until 3 months of age.
After 3 months of age, repeat the treatment at an interval of 3 months regularly.
For breeding bitches, treat with Endogard before mating, again a week before whelping and then repeat the tablet 3-4 weeks after whelping.
For dogs and puppies living in Hydatid infected regions, treat every 6 weeks.


  • Endogard is one of its kinds dewormer for effectively treating all types of intestinal worms in dogs and puppies.
  • It kills and prevents different worms like roundworms, hookworms, whipworms and tapeworms.
  • When combined with heartworm treatment, it is effective in protecting dogs from harmful health conditions.
  • The flavored tablets are easy to administer.
  • This unique formula also helps to prevent the spread of intestinal worms to other dogs, humans and the surroundings.


  • It is for veterinary use only.
  • Keep it in a cool and dry place.
  • Store separately from edible items.
  • Keep it out of reach of children and pets.


  • Do not treat puppies less than 2 weeks of age with Endogard.
  • Do not treat puppies weighing less than 2 Kg.
  • Do not treat puppies and dogs allergic to ingredients present in the product.

More Information

Target Species Dogs
Mode of administration Oral
Active Ingredients Praziquantel, Oxibendazole
Manufacturer Virbac
Brand Name Endogard
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Reviews: 14
Rating : 1851
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Endogard For Dogs

Endogard For Dogs

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Best results

I tried for our four dogs and worked for all, no side effects and no worms too,

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Effective wormer

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long time treatment

we are using it for many years. I never had any issues. great product

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best wormer

Just found out my two year old Doberman is worm positive. And started endogard treatment. it has started showing result, hope our kid get well soon.

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No More worms

Tried all the chewable worm treatments, all the other guy's tablets, Endogard is the best.

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