Hill's Science Diet Young Adult Cat Neutered Salmon Wet Pouch 85 gm

Hills Science Diet Young Adult Cat Neutered Salmon Wet Pouch 85 gm with Lowest Price + Free Shipping Australia Wide 2146-9982

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Hill's Science Diet Young Adult Cat Neutered Salmon Pouch 85g

Hill's Science Diet Young Adult Neutered Cat Salmon Wet Pouch is a special diet for young adult neutered cats. The delicious food supports your cat's specific requirements. Neutered cats are more prone to urinary issues and overweight problems. The precisely balanced nutrition aids in preventing urinary health issues. The readily digested diet supports optimal nutrition absorption and controls digestive issues in neutered cats. The unique weight management formula burns fats and controls weight. It helps build muscles. The added level of antioxidants strengthens immunity and helps your cat lead healthy life.

Hill's Science Diet Neutered Cat Young Adult Salmon Wet Cat Food is developed with unique weight management formula that allows weight loss by burning fat and builds muscles. The wet diet is tailored to meet the needs of neutered cats.

Hill's Science Diet Feline Neutered Cat Young Adult with Salmon Tender Chunks in Gravy is recommended for neutered cats from 6 months old.

  • Gradually transit your pet to new food over a period of 7 days.
  • Provide fresh drinking water always along with food.
  • Adjust feeding amount as necessary to maintain optimal weight.
  • Cover and refrigerate unused portion.
  • Do not overfeed.
  • Check the packaging for directions.
  • Diet depends on the age, size, breed, health and activity levels of your kitten.
  • Check with your vet if unsure.

Daily Feeding Guide

Adult maintenance - using 85 gm pouch

Weight of Cat(kg) Pouch
2 1 2/3 - 2 1/4
3 2 1/4 - 3
4 2 3/4 - 3 3/4
5 3 1/4 - 4 1/2
6+ 2/3 per kg
  • Specially designed for young, neutered cats
  • Delicious salmon flavour makes it highly palatable
  • Precise levels of minerals aid urinary health
  • High quality ingredients to aid digestion and maintain overall health
  • Antioxidants improve immunity
  • Special weight management formula burns fat and maintains optimal weight
  • Easily digestible
  • Helps build muscles High quality protein
  • Unique formulation maximizes nutrient absorption
  • Greats salmon taste and suitable to use for neutered cats from 6 months of age

Average Nutrient and Calorific Value

Nutrient Dry Matter %
Protein 8.0
Fat 2.8
Crude Fiber 2.0
Crude Ash 1.3
Moisture 80.0
Calcium 0.19
Phosphorus 0.15
Sodium 0.08
Potassium 0.16
Vitamin E 130 mg
Vitamin C 20 mg
Beta-carotene 0.3 mg
E761 (Vitamin D3) 165 IU
E1 (Iron) 32.8 mg
E2 (Iodine) 0.63 mg
E4 (Copper) 7.0 mg
E5 (Manganese) 3.1 mg
E6 (Zinc) 34.6 mg


Chicken, pork, salmon (4%), cellulose, tapioca starch, dried egg white, corn starch, pea protein, tomato pomace, dextrose, wheat flour, minerals, coconut oil, flaxseed oil, dried carrots, dried pork protein, vitamins, trace elements, fish oil, taurine and beta-carotene. Coloured with natural caramel and iron oxide.




Hill's Science Diet

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Hill's Science Diet Young Adult Cat Neutered Salmon Wet Pouch

Hill's Science Diet Young Adult Cat Neutered Salmon Wet Pouch

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