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Advance Adult Dog All Breed Casserole with Lamb Cans 400 Gm

Advance Adult Dog All Breed Casserole with Lamb Cans 400 Gm
Brand: Advance

Advance Adult Dog All Breed Casserole with Lamb Cans 400 Gm

Advance Adult Dog All Breed Casserole with Lamb Cans 400 Gm with Lowest Price + Free Shipping Australia Wide 1661-8188

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Reviews: 6
I hate providing any artificial added contents food items to my dog and as per the guarantee it doesn't have any added flavours or preservatives
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Advance Adult Dog All Breed Casserole with Lamb Cans 400 Gm 12 Cans
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Advance Adult Dog All Breed Casserole with Lamb Canned Dog Food

Advance Casserole with Lamb is a highly palatable and digestible wet diet for all adult dog breeds. It contains highest quality of Australian lamb. It is a comprehensive source of nutrition for your adult dog. It provides a balanced diet to your dog consisting of appropriate amounts of fat, carbohydrates and protein. It has adequate amounts of vitamins and plant extracts which enhance antioxidants levels in your pet. Zinc, linoleic acid and omega fatty acids in this food are considered best for healthy skin and fur. The delicious taste of real pieces of lamb makes even the fussiest dogs to enjoy the delicacy.

Feeding Guidelines:

  • This diet is recommended for all breed dogs with an adult weight over 5 kg.  
  • Provide fresh water all the time!!
  • It is advisable to gradually introduce Advance Adult Dog All Breed Casserole with Lamb diet to your pet
  • You can add increasing amounts of this food to the pet’s current diet. Bring this change over a course of few days
  • As you will feed both wet and dry food, simply allocate the suggested quantities of each product in equal parts. This will enable your pet to enjoy the best of both formats.
  • To get exact amount for one feed, divide the per day amount given in the diet table by the number of times you feed your pet.
  • These are general guidelines for adult all breed dogs. The pet may need more amount of food as per his individual nutritional requirements, age, activity and temperament.
  • Consult a vet for further details.
5-10 ½- ¾
10-25 ¾ - 1 ½
25-50 1 ½ - 2 ½
>50 >2 ½

(Note: The above is a guide only; monitor your pet’s body condition for optimal health)

Key Benefits

  • Facilitates improving skin & coat condition
  • Results in smaller quantity of firm stools in dogs as a result of proper working of digestive system
  • 100% Australian made
  • Helps in strengthening the cells of dogs making them resistant to the harsh climatic conditions of Australia
  • Assists reinforcing the immune system
  • A smart food of choice for adult dogs of all breeds
  • No added artificial colors, flavors & preservatives


More Information

Nutrient Analysis:

Nutrient per 100g Grams per 1000kcal
Crude Protein 7.90% 87.7g
Crude Fat 4.90% 54.4g
Ash 1.70% 18.8g
Salt (as NaCI) 0.20% 2.2g
Calcium 0.29% 3.2g
Phosphorus 0.20% 2.2g
Soluble Fibre 0.12% 1.3g
Insoluble Fibre 0.14% 1.6g
Zinc 0.02% 0.22g
Linoleic acid 1.54% 17.1g
Vitamin E 168 IU 1683 IU
Vitamin C 2mg 22mg
Taurine 0.07% 0.8g
Lycopene 0.9µg 10µg

(Note: Average Metabolisable Energy   90kcals/100g)


Chicken; cereal protein; beef; maize; lamb; beef by-products; gelling agents; vegetable fibre; vegetable oil; flavours; minerals (zinc sulphate; manganese sulphate); taurine, plant extracts (marigold powder, tomato powder, lucerne meal); vitamins (D, E, B1, B6); choline chloride



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Reviews: 6
Rating : 81
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Advance Adult Dog All Breed Casserole with Lamb Cans

Advance Adult Dog All Breed Casserole with Lamb Cans

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what more will I need

It keeps my dog’s healthy, what more will I even need?

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Excellent Product

This diet has drastically improved my dogs digestion issues.

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Tyra finds this product quite delicious, and would never replace it with another. Seems she is happy and im happy with prices.

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Bought it trusting the reviews and it turned out as the correct decision. I am happy

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good dietary food

It is an apt food diet for improving the skin and coat conditions of my pooch

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