Capstar for Dogs
Brand: Capstar

Capstar for Dogs

Capstar is an oral tablet for the control of fleas in dogs and cats. Buy Capstar Flea Treatment Tablets online at lowest price. 1004
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Reviews: 9
Excellent Flea Killer taken orally eaten like a tasty treat by dogs.

Capstar for Dogs For Cats And Small Dogs 0.5 To 11Kg (Blue)

For Cats And Small Dogs 0.5 To 11Kg (Blue)
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6 Tablet
$ 34.9
$ 26.24

Capstar for Dogs For Large Dogs over 11Kg (Green)

For Large Dogs over 11Kg (Green)
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6 Tablet
$ 43.42
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Capstar Flea Tablets for Dogs

For treating heavy flea infestation in canines, Capstar is an active formula. This quick action tab works well in killing adult fleas. Within 30 mins of administration, Capstar starts destroying fleas and within few hours, it removes 98-100% fleas. Treatment with Capstar poses no danger on pregnant and nursing bitches. As safe to use on 4 weeks age of puppies and above, it is suitable for all breeds of dogs.

How does it work?

Capstar is an excellent flea treatment. It contains an active ingredient nitenpyram, which acts as an insecticide. This element disturbs nerve transmission in parasites, without any adverse effect on pets. Within 30 mins of Capstar administration, it starts working on adult fleas. This flea control product destroys fleas within few hours of treatment. Capstar is widely used for controlling heavy flea infestation and it works for 24 hours in killing fleas. It is highly beneficial when administered along with other long-term flea preventive treatments.

  • Weigh your dog before starting the treatment.
  • Administer Capstar directly into your pet’s mouth.
  • Mix it in dog food but take care that your dog’s finishes the whole dosage.
  • One tablet per day is a standard dosage.
  • To prevent re-infestation in dogs, treat all the pets in house.
  • Can continue the treatment of Capstar, whenever fleas are observed or re-infestation occurs.

Dosage chart

Weight of the dog Capstar dose
1 – 11 Kg 1 tablet Capstar 11.4 mg
11.1 – 57 Kg 1 tablet Capstar 57 mg
>57 Kg 2 tablets Capstar 57 mg
  • Capstar is a fast-acting one-time treatment for removing fleas.
  • It helps to combat heavy flea infestation in dogs and puppies.
  • The quick action kills fleas within few minutes.
  • This scientific-proven flea treatment starts working within 30 mins of administration.
  • It is easy to administer and can be given any time when fleas arrive.
  • This effective treatment destroys about 100% of fleas within few hours of application on dogs.
  • It is safe to use in puppies of 4 weeks and above.
  • Capstar works perfectly with no possible side effects in pregnant and nursing female dogs.
  1. Store it at normal room temperature.
  2. Keep it out of reach of children and pets.
  3. Wash hands after administering Capstar or wear gloves while treating the dog.


Do not use in puppies younger than 4 weeks of age.

Do not overdose dog with Capstar

Target Species Dogs
Mode of administration Oral
Active ingredients Nitenpyram
Manufacturer Novartis
Brand Capstar
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Reviews: 9
Rating : 554
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Capstar for Dogs

Capstar for Dogs

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Very Effective

Recently my dog suffered from heavy flea infestation and I had no choice but to treat her with Capstar. It worked amazingly. I feel so fortunate that I found this product. It worked within an hour and all fleas were gone.

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Very Powerful Product

Capstar is highly effective in treating fleas. It takes hardly an hour or two to eliminate all the fleas.

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Very Effective

Works in just half an hour. I can rely on this product at any time if my pet gets infested with fleas.

* * * * *

Fast acting flea treatment

Capstar acts really fast in removing almost all the fleas that are present in the fur. Fairly good product!

* * * * *

Excellent product, I have seen

Within 10 minutes the fleas were almost dead. I love Comfortis, because it is easy to treat for my dog and last for 3o days. It is excellent product, I have seen

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