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Vetafarm Herpagrub

Vetafarm Herpagrub
Brand: Vetafarm

Vetafarm Herpagrub

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Vetafarm Herpagrub

Vetafarm Herpagrub is a specially formulated food for insects fed to reptiles, also used as reptile nutritional diet food. Since, insects lack important nutrients such as calcium and vitamins should be fed with this food to increase the nutritional value in their diet. Herpagrub provides high level of proteins, vitamins and minerals for crickets, mealworms and woodies to be fed to reptiles. It is easy to use product as it is in powder form.

  • Provide Herpagrub to cricket colonies at all times as the primary food source.

  • For mealworms, add a small amount of Herpagrub to bran your substrate.

  • Specifically designed to improve the reproduction in colonies

  • Increase the nutritional values

  • Provides calcium, vitamins and minerals

  • Boosting food source for insects

  • Store it below 30 degree of temperature.

  • Keep it in a dry place.

  • Keep away from pets and children.

Active Ingredients:

High protein, vitamins and minerals.



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