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Brand: Dermcare

Malaseb Medicated Foam Shampoo for Dogs

4.7 / 5
Reviews: 7

Malaseb Medicated Foam Shampoo for Dogs

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Malaseb Medicated Foam Shampoo for Dogs For Dogs - Shampoo & Washes

Malaseb Medicated Foam shampoo for dogs and cats is an effective scientific solution formulated to cleanse and treat the skin and coat of canines. Its medicated property makes it an ideal solution for bacterial, fungal and yeast infections on the pet’s body. It destroys infective spores and common microorganisms that cause skin diseases such as ringworm in pets.

How it works?

Malaseb shampoo contains miconazole and chlorhexidine as the active ingredients. The anti-fungal nature of miconazole destroys all forms of fungi and yeast on the canine’s body. Chlorhexidine acts as the antimicrobial agent that fights various types of disease-causing bacteria found on dogs/cats. The combined effect of both the ingredients cleanses the skin of harmful microorganisms and treats it for scales, dermatitis symptoms, ringworm infections, seborrhoea etc. It prevents secondary infections and reduces itching and other skin problems in dogs and cats.


Wet the pet’s body with clean water. Apply small amounts of Malaseb shampoo at few spots on the pet’s body. Gently massage into the coat. Be gentle in an application and ensure that you clean areas that harbor microorganism. These places include the area around the lips, under the tail and gaps between the toes.

Allow the shampoo to stay on the skin for around ten minutes. Rinse off thoroughly with clean water. Repeat twice a week until improvement is visible on the skin. Or use as per the vet’s advice.

Ideal usage – 50 ml Malaseb shampoo is sufficient for a large dog (30 Kg or 66 lbs weight) with a medium length coat. Consult your vet for further details.

If it is a ringworm infection then you need to treat all pets that stay in contact with each other. It limits the spread of infection.  

Key Benefits

  • Easy to use gentle cleanser for puppies and dogs as well as kittens and cats
  • Scientific solution that antibacterial, antifungal and anti-itching properties
  • Therapeutic treatment for seborrhoea
  • Colourless, fragrance free shampoo that quickly heals skin problems
  • Normalizes the pet’s skin without losing moisture required for healthy skin and coat
  • Prevents spread of infections
  • Supports in the treatment of ringworm infection
  • Cleanses damaged skin oils without washing away natural oils required for the pet’s coat


  • Keep away from the pet’s eyes. If the shampoo enters her eyes accidentally then rinse off with a lot of water. If you find redness or any other eye changes the consult a Vet at the earliest.
  • Do not leave the pet alone for the time when shampoo stays on the pet’s body. This is to avoid licking or inhaling shampoo foam. It may affect the pet’s respiratory and intestinal tracts.
  • Keep away from children, pets and food.
  • Be gentle while applying the shampoo.
  • Wash off the shampoo thoroughly to prevent any residue.
  • Wear gloves while shampooing the pet.
  • Wash your hands and exposed skin with soap and water.
  • Follow label instructions for details of administration, precautions and expiry date.


There are no known contraindications of Malaseb medicated shampoo on dogs and cats.

More Information

Target species Puppies, kittens, cats and dogs
Mode of administration Topical
Active Ingredient Miconazole and Chlorhexidine
Manufacturer Dermcare
Brand Name Malaseb
Product Reviews
Reviews: 7
5 Star 4 Star 3 Star 2 Star 1 Star

Malaseb Medicated Foam Shampoo for Dogs

Malaseb Medicated Foam Shampoo for Dogs

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Deep skin cleaning

Ideal shampoo for deep skin cleaning.


Medicated foam shampoo

Excellent medicated foam shampoo for my dog.


Reduces yeast infection

I am currently using this shampoo on my pet's skin and it is working. His infection has receded remarkably.


Malaseb Shampoo

Could you please advise if this product is also suitable for Cats.... My Vet recommended Malaseb Shampoo, however according to your description, you only mention "Dogs". If it is suitable for cats, please update your info to reflect this information. Thank you! Regards Trish


Highly effective

Once using this shampoo, I can't rely on any other shampoo for my two spaniels. Goes well with their skin and leaves them clean and fresh. Great one to try

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Q: Is PAW Mediderm Shampoo poisonous like Malaseb shampoo?

A: Not any Shampoo is poisonous.

By, on Aug 20, 2021
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