Virbac Cetrigen Antibacterial
Brand: Virbac

Virbac Cetrigen Antibacterial For Dog

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Virbac Cetrigen Antibacterial

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Virbac Cetrigen Antibacterial

Virbac Cetrigen

Virbac Cetrigen is formulated for treatment of superficial cuts and wounds in dogs and horses. Also known as the purple spray it helps to dry, heal and prevent infection while repelling flies. Manufactured by Virbac, this handy spray is great treatment for minor scars, cuts, scrapes or lacerations. It repels flies and dries out the wounds as they repair. The treatment comes in purple colour which makes it easy to recognize the animal that has been treated.

  • The wound area should be cleansed and remove any dirt and debris.
  • Hold spray container nozzle approximately 10cm from wound site and apply a light layer directly onto the wound, wiping away any excess run-off spray.
  • Treatment should be continued until the wound has thoroughly healed.
  • Protects wounds from insects such as flies
  • Dries wounds to aid healing
  • Inhibits bacterial growth in wounds
  • Do not use less than 28 days before animal slaughter for human consumption
  • Do not use on laying birds where eggs or egg products are to be used for human consumption
  • Do not spray near eyes or onto sensitive areas around the mouth. Should any skin irritation occur, discontinue use and consult your veterinarian
Target species Dog and Horses
Mode of administration Topical
Active Ingredients Aerosol, Trigger Spray
Manufacturer Virbac
Brand Name Virbac
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Reviews: 3
Rating : 73
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Virbac Cetrigen Antibacterial


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Heals superficial cuts and wounds

This antibacterial treatment heals superficial cuts and wounds in my dog way quicker than anything else. A useful and handy product.

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Heals and prevents infections

My furry pal was suffering from an intense cut, which he got while playing with a neighbourhood doggy. The great thing is that after applying this treatment his cut dries out and healed quickly. I would definitely recommend this treatment to all dog owners.

* * * * *

An excellent wound care treatment

My furry pal was suffering from a cut that he got while we were traveling in a hilly region. When I saw the cut I was very worried. But one of my friends recommended me this treatment. I am pleased to see that not only has the cut healed, but there has been no infection on the cut. A highly recommended product!!!

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