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Adaptil Calm On-The-Go Collar
Brand: Adaptil

Adaptil Calm On-The-Go Collar

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Adaptil Calm On-The-Go Collar – Calming Treatment for Dogs

Adaptil Calm On-the-go Collar works in a therapeutic way. It helps in tranquilizing the dog during stressful situations. The collar contains synthetic form of Dog Appeasing Pheromones (DAP), which relaxes the dog’s mind. The calming effect of these pheromones gives relief from stress and anxiety. It is highly helpful in puppy socialization, and relocating your dog. Adaptil Calm Collar keeps dogs calm during the challenging situations like loud noises (thunderstorms or fireworks), especially for dogs living mostly outdoors and who cannot be kept indoors during such events. It also works during crating, boarding, kenneling and moving to a new house. The Calm collar improves the pet’s response during behavioural therapy and training.

How it works?

Adaptil Calm On-the-go Collar is highly effective and easy to use. It is convenient to use as it constantly releases dog appeasing pheromone. The collar contains Canine appeasing pheromone analogue, which is slowly released into the environment. The dog’s body temperature warms the collar as it is in close contact and encourages the diffusion of pheromones into the local environment. The appeasing pheromone is released immediately and starts showing its calming effect on the dog present at the place. It makes the pet relaxed and happy in challenging situations without the use of any external treatments.

  • Open the pouch when you are ready to use the collar.
  • Fasten the collar around the dog’s neck.
  • Place it over your dog’s head and tie loosely around the neck.
  • Tighten the collar to fit snugly with your dog’s skin.
  • You should be able to place no more than 2 fingers between the collar and the dog’s skin.
  • Ensure the collar is properly fixed with the buckle.
  • Cut off the excess portion of the collar to avoid ingestion.
  • Puppies: as the puppy grows, it’s important to regularly adjust the collar to make sure it’s not too tight.
  • Helps in socialization of puppies and dogs
  • Reduces chances of destructive behaviour
  • Keeps dogs calm and relaxed in stressful situations
  • Ideal for training, travelling, boarding, and kenneling
  • Helpful for dogs staying home alone
  • Helps pacify phobias and stress in puppies and dogs
  • Works on all breeds of dogs
  • Safe for humans and other pets
  • Wash your hands after use.
  • Ensure your dog does not lick the collar.
  • If signs of skin irritation or allergy occur, remove the collar and seek advice from your veterinarian
  • Do not use the collar on dogs with extensive skin lesions.
  • Do not open pouch until the product is ready for use.
  • Remove the collar before bathing or shampooing and replace it after the dog's coat is dry.
  • The effect of the collar lasts up to 4 weeks.
  • Replace the collar after one month.
  • Ensure that the collar is in close contact with the dog's skin.
  • Please note that the Adaptil collar cannot be used to attach a leash.
Target Species Dogs
Active Ingredients Canine appeasing pheromone analogue
Manufacturer Ceva
Brand Name Adaptil
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