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Adaptil Spray
Brand: Ceva

Adaptil Spray

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Adaptil Spray

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Adaptil Spray for Dogs

Adaptil Spray is a specially formulated product with appeasing hormone for relieving stress in dogs. Application of this spray in challenging situations like travel, separation, vet visits, fireworks, and thunderstorm calms the pet down immediately. The product has a tranquilizing effect on the mind and induces a sense of safety in dogs which helps him stay comfortable for long.

How Does It Work?

Adaptil Spray contains a synthetic dog pheromone which produces a happy effect on dogs. This synthetic pheromone imitates the natural pheromone and relaxes the flexed brain muscles in dogs. This gives a sense of safety and reassurance to puppies in stressful environment.

  • Shake the bottle before use.
  • Spray the solution 8-10 times in the environment 15 minutes before the expected effects.
  • You can directly spray it on beddings, crates, kennel, car, etc.
  • The product should last until 4-5 hours. However, this time frame may vary for each animal.
  • Re-spray the solution if you notice reduction in the effect.
  • Do not spray the solution directly on animals or near an animal’s face.
  • Controls stress and anxiety in pets during challenging situations
  • Gives a calming and happy effect to the mind
  • Very useful for dogs that are scared of thunderstorms, fireworks, travelling or vet visits
  • Recommended by vets and behavioral trainers
  • Safe for puppies and dogs of all ages
  • Easy to use
  • Keep the product out of reach of children and pets
  • Do not cover it when in use.
  • Keep the product away from sources of ignition.
  • Do not spray on the pet directly.
  • Avoid contact with mouth, eyes and skin.
Target Species Dogs
Mode of Administration Topical
Active Ingredients Synthetic dog pheromone
Manufacturer Ceva
Brand Name Ceva
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