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Nexgard Spectra Medium Dogs (7.6-15kg) Green

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Nexgard Spectra Medium Dogs (7.6-15kg) Green

4.9 / 5
Reviews: 34
VetSupplyNexgard Spectra Medium Dogs (7.6-15kg) Green Nexgard Spectra Medium Dogs (7.6-15kg) Green with Lowest Price + Free Shipping Australia Wide 2031-9599
Amazing experience with this ,now my pug is free from constant scratching.
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Nexgard Spectra Medium Dogs (7.6-15kg) Green 3 Pack
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Nexgard Spectra For Dogs - A Broad Spectrum Parasitic Treatment for Dogs

Nexgard Nexgard Spectra is a beef-flavored chewable indicated for the treatment of fleas and ticks including Paralysis ticks, Bush ticks and Brown Dog ticks. This monthly treatment is also effective in preventing heartworm disease in dogs. It is available in the form of chewable tablets for easy dosage. Nexgard Spectra also works as a major preventive measure against the zoonotic hookworm, Ancylostoma ceylanicum along with gut worms such as whipworms and roundworms. The oral treatment is effective for gastrointestinal nematodes. It also prevents ear mites, demodectic, sarcoptic, and otodectic manage infestation in dogs. Moreover, Nexgard Spectra acts as a single treatment for controlling external and internal parasites in dogs.

How does it work?

Nexgard Spectra combines two active ingredients, including Afoxolaner and Milbemycin Oxime. Afoxolaner is an ingredient that acts as an ectoparasiticide; meaning it kills fleas and ticks including Paralysis ticks, Bush ticks, and Brown Dog ticks that live on the skin or fur of the animals. Afoxolaner kills fleas before they lay eggs and helps to reduce contamination of the dog's environment. The other ingredient Milbemycin Oxime acts as an endoparasiticide. This means that it kills parasites like worms that live inside of the dogs. It is effective for protection against roundworms, hookworms, and whipworms. The chewable treatment disrupts the signals passed in the nervous system of parasites in a way that causes paralysis and eliminates the parasites. Nexgard Spectra is a monthly treatment that ensures protection against heartworms, fleas, ticks, and intestinal worms.

Please Note:
Nexgard Spectra has been facing stock issues across Australia.
If you don't find the correct pack sizes you are looking for your pet, you may combine Nexgard and Interceptor or Nexgard and Heartgard Plus as an alternative for Nexgard Spectra chewable tablet to provide similar comprehensive coverage. Shop Now

  • Should be given according to the weight of the dog.
  • Can be given directly in the mouth or be mixed with its food.
  • One tablet dose should be given once a month depending on the dog’s bodyweight.
  • For dogs over 60kgs, administer the appropriate combination of these chewables.
  • Can be used as the part of the seasonal treatment of fleas and ticks
  • Effective against Paralysis ticks, Bush ticks, and Brown Dog ticks
  • Prevents heartworm disease in dogs
  • Treats and prevents flea and tick infestations in dogs
  • Protects dogs against flea tapeworm infection due to its rapid killing action
  • Effective in the treatment of gastrointestinal nematodes
  • Controls infestations due to adult roundworms, hookworms, and whipworms
  • Effective against zoonotic hookworm and Ancylostoma ceylanicum
  • Kills Dirofilaria immitis larvae up to one month
  • Controls ear mites as well as demodectic and sarcoptic mange infestations in dogs
  • Safe for all breeds and puppies over 8 weeks of age and 2kgs or more
  • Keep the tablets in the blister pack until required and store the blister packs in the outer carton.
  • Wash your hands thoroughly after use.
  • In case of accidental ingestion, particularly in the case of children, seek medical advice.
  • Safety has not been established for use in pregnant, lactating or breeding dogs.
  • Keep away from the reach of children and other pets.


  • Do not use in case of sensitivity to the active substances.
Target species Dogs
Mode of administration Oral
Active Ingredients Afoxolaner, Milbemycin Oxime
Manufacturer Merial
Brand Name Nexgard

APVMA Approval Number

Nexgard Spectra for Very Small Dogs (2-3.5kg) Orange 81008/102149
Nexgard Spectra for Small Dogs (3.6-7.5kg) Yellow 81010/102155
Nexgard Spectra for Medium Dogs (7.6-15kg) Green 81011/102157
Nexgard Spectra for Large Dogs (15.1-30kg) Purple 81012/102161
Nexgard Spectra for Extra Large Dogs (30.1-60kg) Red 81055/102246
Product Reviews
Review: 34 | Ratings: 128
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Certified Customer

Nexgard Spectra

A spectra-cular product. Love it!

Certified Customer

Time to buy Nexgard spectra again

Yes, its time to buy this amazing treatment again. Worked well last year. Hoping it does the same now as well.

Certified Customer

Even for small dogs

This treatment even suits small dogs. Thanks.

Certified Customer

For all sizes

Nexgard Spectra is available for all dog sizes. Oh yes.

Certified Customer

Lovely protection

This oral treatment provides lovely parasite protection. I love it.

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Have A Question?
Q: Can you switch from interceptor to nexgard spectra

A: Interceptor is for Heartworm and Gastrointestinal worm and Nexgard is for Fleas and Ticks.

By, on Jun 08, 2021
1 1
Q: Just wondering whether there’s a nexguard spectra for dogs over 60kg? Or how shouldI treat my St. Bernard? She’s about 75 kg.

A: For dogs over 60 kg, administer the appropriate combination of chewables. For optimal performance, treat your dog on or about the same day each month. For 75 Kg - 1 Red (30.1-60Kg) + 1 Green (7.6-15Kg)

By, on May 14, 2021
1 1
Q: What expire date for NEXGARD SPECTRA MEDIUM DOGS (7.6-15KG) GREEN (6 PAK), please?

A: Feb-22

By, on May 14, 2021
0 1
Q: What will be the expire date for 6 pack of 7.5_15 kg and 12 pack for 3.5-7.5 kg 15-30kg?

A: Nexgard Spectra For Very Small Dogs (2-3.5kg) Orange 6 Pack Feb-22 Nexgard Spectra For Small Dogs (3.6-7.5kg) Yellow 6 Pack Aug-22 Same for 12 Pack

By, on May 10, 2021
1 0
Q: Hi. Does the discounted price apply for future auto-send orders?

A: Yes, the Auto Order discount is for all future Auto Order.

By, on May 03, 2021
0 0
Q: I understand that Nexgard does not kill tapeworm, how often and what product should be given to protect against tapeworm, or hydatid worm?

A: You can give VIRBAC TAPEWORMER FOR DOGS, Product is available on our site. For tapeworms, all pets should be treated at an interval of three months commencing at 3 months of age.

By, on Apr 22, 2021
0 1
Q: Can you use on cats


By, on Apr 03, 2021
0 0
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