Flyaway Spray
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Flyaway Spray

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Flyaway Spray

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Flyaway Spray

Flyaway Spray for Horses

Flyaway is an efficient and effective insecticidal spray designed for the safety of horses. It is used for the treatment of nuisance insects like bush fly, house fly, stable fly and midges. It provides the horses with complete fly protection by eliminating and repelling flies. It can also be applied to the horse's surroundings, bedding and gear for insect control.

  • Application to animal:

  • Lightly spray the animal, from head to rear.

  • In case of severe infestation, apply FLYAWAY twice daily.

  • The applicator nozzle should be positioned about 10-12cm from the skin surface.

  • Liberal application should be applied onto areas such as ears, manes and tails.

  • Application to surroundings:

  • FLYAWAY should also be applied to stable areas, rugs etc. to control insects in the horse’s surroundings as part of an integrated insect control program.

  • Thoroughly spray all areas where flies land around where horses live and work.

  • Spray on horse gear and bedding for additional protection.

  • When spraying on gear be careful to check safety on delicate materials.

  • Used for the treatment of flies and insects

  • Aids in prevention of Queensland itch in horses

  • Can be used on sheds, stables, bedding and other horse equipments for integrated parasite control

  • Easy to use treatment

  • Keep out of reach of children and pets.

  • Read label before opening the pack.

  • Store below 30 degrees of temperature.

  • It is flammable so keep away from fire and heated place.

  • Do not smoke near the product.

  • Avoid spray getting into eyes and mouth regions.

  • Should be applied on dry coats, avoid if the horse is wet or sweating.

Active Ingredients:

Permethrin, Diethyltouamide, N octyl bicycloheptene dicarboximide, Piperonyl butoxide, Dibutyl phthalate and Lavender Oil



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Flyaway Spray


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No flys now

Thickly infested with flying insects, it becomes quite complicated to keep these flys away from my pets. However, flyaway spray is quite handy and effective. No better match.

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